Our flagship brand “Habiton” is the premium superfoods brand with the most diversified range of the best grade of dried fruits, nuts, berries, & some such. In this fast-moving world, we keep forgetting to take care of our health. We eat and binge-eat on junk foods that produce several health problems. Well, we care for you. We have a better solution to solve your cravings. One cannot ignore the importance of dry fruits products. They are not just a healthy way of eating but also guilt-free.

Being at the forefront for years when it comes to offline stores, we wanted to make things easier for our customers to order from anywhere. Thus, we have started this e-commerce portal, through which customers can buy all their favourite Habiton.in products online and get them delivered at home. With our widely acclaimed healthy products available online, we are, without a doubt, your one-stop online destination!

Habiton wants to provide customers with the best for what they pay. We wanted to stand high in worth and most significantly in delivering dry fruits and nuts at a very affordable price, which other sellers did not even believe in doing. We wanted to bridge the gap of quality, price and provide varieties, that we found lost when delivered to customers by others in the market. Right from the time of Habiton’s conception we have only focused on delivering quality over quantity.

So, with our aspirations in mind, we are always looking to continually produce new and healthy products. We are here with an exclusive range of nuts, dry fruits, spices and seeds, gift hampers, roasted snacks and much more of healthy living eatables. The foremost reason of our growth is that for Habiton, “CUSTOMER IS KING” we choose to communicate directly to customers and understand their requirements and implementing the same, delivering their wants with satisfaction.

what sets us apart ?
The underlying answer to this would be, because of our profound quality and quantity that we offer at such an affordable price. By people creating such a high price for dry fruits and nuts it has created a false scenario that it is expensive and more like a luxury product to consume.
But we at Habiton have proved such sources wrong. We strive hard to only give what is best and want everyone to be able to afford healthy food products.
While people spend their money on products that are unhealthy, almonds can be cheaper and a healthier option. One kilo of dry fruits can be cheaper than milk sweets with sugar or a box of chocolates. Our prime idea in venturing into the dry fruit business was to stand out from the regular chaotic market. We brought out revolution and with our unique ideology we manage to get anyone who buys our products to consume it at least once a day. With everyone wanting innovation and change, we bring various variety in our products focusing on the core motive of it being healthy.
Mission :

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